Games: Canasta in Calonge Group
Time - 10:30
Week - Fortnightly
Day - Monday
Venue - Bar Cercle Placa Major 5
Group Coordinators
Carine Engelmoer
There are currently no events scheduled for this group
Welcome to the Canasta in Calonge 

We meet twice a month in Calonge in the Bar Cercle Placa Major 5

CANASTA is a matching card game in which the object is to create melds of cards ofthe same rank and then go out by playing or discarding all the cards in your hand, thedistinctive feature of CANASTA, as opposed to other Rummy games, is that making a seven card meld, called a CANASTA, gives the player a huge bonus, and the number of CANASTAS made usually decides the
Another distinctive feature is that in CANASTA when a player picks up cards from the discard pile, the player picks up the entire pile, as opposed to only the top card in most other Rummy games.

Come and join us to play this fascinating game in a relaxed, friendly but competitive atmosphere.